Eileen hard at work
                  Eileen Brinkley (F.I.P.A.)

Eileen Brinkley has been working in the accounting industry for more than 40 years,
but she has not only worked as an accountant.
She commenced working for a rural accounting firm at 15 years of age for 5 years,
and at various times since she has owned or managed offices for a hardware store,
an entertainment and promotional company, a retail confectionary business,
a cafe, a retail music outlet, and three accountancy offices.
This means she has a wealth of experience in real business management.

Eileen specialises in small business management accounting and taxation advice for Individuals, Partnerships, Companies, Trusts, and Super Funds.
She does audits for Clubs, P&Cs, Trust Accounts, and Super Funds, and prepares financial statements for presentation to lenders and third party auditors.

Eileen provides a Bookkeeping and Bookkeeping Tuition service, and a preparation and lodgement of BAS and IAS service.

Tax Agent Logo
Tax Agent Logo

Eileen's Qualifications:
  Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants
  Post Graduate Degree in Business Management Accounting
  Advanced Diploma of Business Accounting
  Registered Tax Agent with ATO
  Certificate in Tax Return Preparation
  Public Practice Certificate
  Commissioner for Declarations.